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Active Cream


Active Cream is a non-oily fast penetration formula that incorporates the most potent active ingredients which fight the entire pathway that leads to pigmentation, freckles.

Be Lift


Be Lift is a powerful instant and long lasting lifting solution that lift, firm, sculpt and contour the face and neck to give you a photogenic V-Shaped appearance.

Bio Restoration Essence


Bio Restoration Essence is made from intelligent ceramides to replenish and restores skin barrier function to create a moisture balance, smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin.

BTX Magic Lift


An AWARD WINNING BTX Magic Lift is a treatment serum dedicated to lift, refine and reshape the facial contouring area.

Deep Cleansing Gel


An award winning Deep Cleansing Gel is a soap free gentle facial cleanser which lifts away impurities and make up without drying the skin.

Dermis Gel


A highly absorptive gel which provides therapeutic control of acne as well as antiseptic properties to prevent further inflammation process which leads to scarring.

Eye Complex


Eye Complex is an exceptional treatment which is specially formulated to reduce dark eye circle, eliminating eye puffiness, hydrate and restructuring the eye contour area.

Hydra Boost


Skin Renew Hydra Boost is a lipid replenishing aroma essence made from multi blend of natural organic oils and essential oils.

Hydro Defence


Hydro Defence is a lightweight moisturizer that effectively boosts your skin’s moisture level, leaving it plump, soft and refreshed.

Hydro Essence


An oil-free moisture essence that instantly melts and spreads on the skin to replenish the skin with intense moisture and instantaneously relieve dehydrated skin.

Miracle Lotion A


A signature product that contains acne fighter ingredients to provide a focused approach to treat, control and prevent acne.

Moisturizing Day Essence SPF 35


Moisturizing Day Essence provides a healthy, radiance glows and offer long lasting hydration. This cream contains hyaluronic acid and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

NS Vital Restore Cream


A skin rejuvenating elixir made from exotic blends of Yarrow, watermelon rind, Lentil Fruit, unripened apple, Acetyl hexapeptide-3 and collagen fibers.

Oxygen Mask (4 pcs)


Refresh, rehydrate and rebalance skin with Oxygen Mask. Oxygen Mask not only moisturizes skin but aiding in revive lack luster skin.

Renewal Complex


This ultimate moisturizer is enriched with Retinol and Superox C™ (world richest source of Vitamin C), combination of the most powerful actives to help resurface skin’s texture.

Repair Booster


This nutrient rich and medium weight moisturizer helps repair the skin’s protective barrier due to moisture loss. It is a breathable cream formulated with lipid-rich plant oils.