Face Fit A Fit-ler Ample


Cares for pores while lifting the face and giving elasticity. A silky and smooth skin moisturizing formula.



Product Design
For those who want a three-dimensional, small-looking face line
If you want to fill the elongated Apple Zone with resilience
For those who want to moisten skin while giving care to their pores

Cares for pores while lifting the face and giving elasticity
A silky and smooth skin moisturizing formula to make your skin feel tense
Anti-wrinkling function

Active Ingredients
Anti-aging : PDRN (skin recovery, cell regeneration)
Elasticity : Ruse-Age (yeast protein produced by soybeans, rice peptides and biotechnology), patented ingredients (pending)
Skin tone improvement : Azelasphere (natural dicarboxylic acid), Longevicell (glycosylation inhibition)

How to use
Unscrew eyedroppers from necessary bottles.
After cleansing face and forehead, apply the toner.
Squeeze the white rubber inlet and gently wipe over “Apple Zone”.
If necessary, it can be used as a pore primer before makeup

Additional information


7ml * 4ea


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