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Active Cream


Active Cream is a non-oily fast penetration formula that incorporates the most potent active ingredients which fight the entire pathway that leads to pigmentation, freckles.

Be Lift


Be Lift is a powerful instant and long lasting lifting solution that lift, firm, sculpt and contour the face and neck to give you a photogenic V-Shaped appearance.

Bio Restoration Essence


Bio Restoration Essence is made from intelligent ceramides to replenish and restores skin barrier function to create a moisture balance, smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin.

Brush Brown


This brush provides a full range of coverage from light to medium to full coverage.

Brush White


This brush provides a full range of coverage from light to medium to full coverage.

BTX Magic Lift


An AWARD WINNING BTX Magic Lift is a treatment serum dedicated to lift, refine and reshape the facial contouring area.

Compact Powder


100% Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation. 100% Mineral pigments infused with Vitamin E & Honeysuckle covers imperfections and visibly erases pores and lines without setting into creases for a flawless, ageless look.

Deep Cleansing Gel


An award winning Deep Cleansing Gel is a soap free gentle facial cleanser which lifts away impurities and make up without drying the skin.

Dermastic Essence


Essence that tightens rough skin by improving hydration and moisture of the skin Leaves a non-sticky and moist feeling.

Dermastic Fresh Toner


Tipe oily toner yang menyegarkan kulit saat di bersihkan dan sangat berfungsi pada kulit yang memproduksi sebum.